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VC Community Month

28.02 – 28.03 2020

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VC Community Month poster, VC 002 Book Cover Graphic, Up to Now exhibition poster

In 2020, Valletta Contemporary opens its yearly program with a celebration of our achievements as a contemporary art space so far. As the first exhibition of the year, Up to Now presents an eclectic mix of works by local and international artists, that have already made an appearance in shows from the past 2 years – from photography and sculpture, to video and installation. 

The opening of the exhibition coincides with the launch of VC’s second annual publication VC002, looking back on 2019. Every year, the gallery publishes a collection of texts about its recently-concluded exhibition program, accompanied by images as well as interviews carried out with artists and curators.


Alongside Up to Now, VC is proud to exhibit officially for the first time in the project space a collection of VC Editions. This is an initiative that supports selected local and international contemporary artists through commissioning the production of new work that is made available for sale exclusively through VC gallery. 

Against this setting, VC launches an exciting series of events that will run throughout the month, including talks, workshops and exhibition walkthroughs. The gallery becomes a social and communal place where discussion and exchange can happen, or where one can simply choose to spend some time flipping through a good book in an inspiring environment. We invite the local community to come and inhabit our space!

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Check out the VC Community Month Events Below!

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