Valletta Contemporary is proud to have launched a collection of VC Editions. This is an initiative that supports selected local and international contemporary artists through commissioning the production of contemporary art pieces. 


VC’s collaboration with artists on the production of these Editions is one of the ways that the gallery looks to sustain its relationship with artists whose work is exhibited as part of VC’s yearly exhibition program, beyond the lifetime of the show. It can also be considered as a form of artist representation at the gallery, albeit not in the traditional sense. 


After a specific piece is chosen in consultation with the artist, it is reproduced in numbered editions and made available for sale exclusively through VC gallery. VC Editions is an ongoing project, as the gallery will continue adding selected pieces to this collection as time goes by. 

We encourage you to view our collection of VC Editions on our Ocula profile  for the exact size and media specifications. For further enquires be sure to contact info@valltettacontemporary.com.

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