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Fragmented Relics
15 Sept 2023 - 28 Oct 2023

Solo Exhibition by Sheldon Saliba


FRAGMENTED RELICS exhibition poster


Fragmented Relics is a solo exhibition by emerging artist Sheldon Saliba which explores the intricate intersections among the human-made, natural forces and the ceaseless passage of time. The point of departure for Fragmented Relics lies at the core of Anthropocentrism, whereby the artist questions and challenges elements related to de/composition, materiality and syntheticity.

Influenced by the local context and geographies and their impact on discarded items, the status of found objects is elevated, transforming them into relics as imprints of the passage of time. Each piece serves as a chronicle of human-kind’s exploration into synthetic materials, driven by innovation and industry and sustained by capitalist-driven movements, yet ultimately transformed by natural occurrences.

The objects themselves and the intermediary space created by their overlapping, establish coexistent dialogue between the natural and the human-made and their resulting fragile and intricate relationships. The works explore cyclical rhythms based on ongoing generation and decomposition; the sea, as an always-present coherent force, acting as an author and neutraliser. In parallel, the sea is also equally evident of the island/ers nature of resilience and adaptability.

Portrait of Sheldon Saliba (Image by Alan Falzon)

Sheldon Saliba (b.2000) is a visual artist based in Malta with a background in Art History. His current practice explores rural and built environments, focusing on land use and the influences of the Anthropocene on natural and humanmade materials. Through interpretations of cabinets of curiosities and archival material, complemented with sculptural installations, he challenges contemporary realities approached with an element of nostalgia, superimposing speculations about the future.


In 2022, Sheldon was invited to represent Malta in the Night of Ideas, a youth forum organised by the French Institute with the aim of discussing the environment, international solidarity, and human rights. He was also the winner of the second edition of Shifting Contexts, a collaborative project between Spazju Kreattiv and Agenizija Zghazagh, with his project Reconstructed Balustrades.

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