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Digital Poster Stephanie Galea Traces 70


24th May - 14th June 2019

This series of work depicts female bodies set within a natural landscape. Almost like landscapes themselves, the bodies are incredibly detailed - freckles and even tiny hairs are visible in the photographs. The viewer is almost compelled to trace these forms as the sense of sight stimulates our sense of touch, possibly evoking a memory.
The paint represents these sensory imaginings; past, present or even future, drawn by the artist as she experienced the images. Additionally themes of exploration, sensuality and freedom are illustrated through the choice of colour - primaries representing the essence of all other colours. 

The nature of the lines transition from onto the body to around it; the framing changes from single meticulous crops to whole beings in a space as the bodies are liberated on this illustrative journey.

Through the female gaze, the body is used as a canvas to create harmonious lines. All the images are faceless, as we are then able to project our own bodies or those we have been connected to, onto these works. Traces is an immersive celebration of the female body.

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