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 23 Sep 2023 | 17:30-19:00

Entrance is free

Nigel’s talk, “Sounding Out” will present a series of sculptural and sonic works which embrace ‘the nature and culture of sound’ and which will focus upon the intersection of art with environmental and biological sciences as a practice of co-creation.



Dr. Nigel Helyer; is an internationally prominent sculptor and sound artist, whose interdisciplinary practice combines art and science to embrace our social, cultural and physical environments. He brings these concerns together in creative projects that prompt the community to engage with their cultural histories, identity and sense of place; inviting us to examine the abstract conditions of our world and our complex relationships to it. Principal web archive.

Nigel is a strong advocate for experimental art, and is a specialist in Art and science collaborations. He is also active in critical thought and is a prolific contributor to journals, conferences and broadcasts. He is a board member of the Paris based Association Internationale de Critiques d’Art and was the founding editor and publisher of PraxisM the contemporary art journal of Western Australia. Nigel has authored several books, including Crayvox, The Deluge Ark(ive), Culturescape: An Ecology of Bundanon and When Science Meets Art.

His writing embraces speculative fiction including the Graphic Novel Sonique and the novel Freeze Frame, a fiction about the relationship of Cinema and the Afterlife, which is currently being developed as an interactive exhibition (Macquarie University Gallery, October 2024). Nigel is also engaged with a multi-disciplinary scientific team researching the Tasman Fracture Marine Park (southern Tasmania) to create a major work for the Mawson Gallery (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart Tasmania, April 2024).

Principal web archive -SonicObjects; Sonic Architecture. ~ Email

Director - Sonic Objects; Sonic Architecture
& Honorary Professor, Maquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Sounding Out 1.jpeg
Sounding Out 2.jpeg

Portrait of Nigel Helyer

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