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Post/Human/Nature: How do we relate?
Round table discourse on Thursday 28th March at 18:00


A round table discussion with the artist and guests from different areas of expertise will discuss the existing relationship between human kind and nature, backdropped by the solo show at VC. The talk will be moderated by Maren Richter and will be held on Thursday 28th March at 18.00.

The ecological crisis is one of the most overwhelming to have ever faced humanity and its consequences permeate every domain of life. The exhibition Pristine Paradise by artist Nadine Baldow, currently on view at Valletta Contemporary, draws a speculative picture of our future on planet Earth, where it seems that colourful but obviously parasiting, funghi-like, posthuman alien organisms have taken over the planet. We don’t know if those are posthuman species or what exactly happened to humankind in her dystopian “paradise”. But evidently the relation between nature and humans has changed fundamentally.

Together with invited guest from different fields and with the audience, we aim to reflect our relationship to nature - after having inhabited the earth for a few thousand of years as one with colonising and exploiting attitudes. Or should we say: we have to look at how nature has changed its attitude towards us? Only recently kids around the world went on the streets to express their worries about their future on earth and of the Earth. How could we re-think our interaction with the planet and our co-habiting in an age of global interconnectivities, which are of massive scales so that they can only be researched on with big data science. Are we able to change tack? How strong do we feel attached to nature? What is the “beauty” of a landscape and how is it related to our wellbeing? Or do we need to prepare for post-nature already?


Louis F Cassar (Director of the Institute of Earth Systems)

Nadine Baldow (Artist)

Guido Bonett (Landscape Photographer)

Joanna Delia (Doctor)

Manuela Degiorgio (Founder of The Veg Box) 

Greta Muscat Azzopardi (Permaculture Malta)

Susanne Lehner (Satellite Oceanographer)

Organised and moderated by Maren Richter

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