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Open Call - Coffee Shop Designer

META Foundation is looking for designer to be involved in the design of the Coffee Shop which will be situated in Valletta Contemporary Gallery, Valletta. The project brief requires to explore a design concept for a coffee shop together with the project coordination. The design of the coffee shop should keep structural alterations to a minimum and to remain in harmony with the structural elements of the property. The design ought to be innovative, modern and contemporary in style. The following services are to be offered by the designer awarded the design project. 

  •  Phase 1: Primary Design Proposal: At this stage, the designer should:

  1.   Conduct regular office and site meetings in order to discuss the most suitable style and design of the   coffee shop,

  2.  Draft Preliminary layout plans showing the organisation of the space,

  3.  Visual and artistic impressions of the project should be made available,

  4.  Present an estimate of the works.


  • Phase 2: Detail Design: Following the approval of the first phase, the designer should provide META Foundation with dimensioned working drawings indicating detail and materials. The structural outline design, calculations and drawings should be made available at this stage.


  • Phase 3: Other Works; Works related to Mechanical & Electrical works, partition works, joinery, aluminium and steel works, furnishings, and flooring and tiling works would be discussed at this stage with the appointed traders. The chosen contractors are to quote depending on the trade being provided.


  • Phase 4: Project Management and Site supervision; Once all contractors have been chosen, the designer should prepare a program of works and coordinate with all trades people. Regular site inspections and meetings on behalf of the Foundation would be carried out to ensure quality control and that all works are going according to plan.

Site visit is mandatory prior to issuing a quotation. 


This Open Call can be sent, by not later than 28th January 2019, to the following:

Norbert Francis Attard

Valletta Contemporary

15,16, 17 East Street, Valletta, VLT1253, Malta.

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