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Norbert Francis Attard

Norbert Francis Attard (b.1951) started as a self-taught painter and graphic artist before turning to installation art in 1998. He graduated in Architecture from the University of Malta in 1977, practicing the profession as architect for twenty years until 1996. He lived in Germany in 1978/1979 working with the firm ‘Licht in Raum’, directed by Johannes Dinnebier, one of Germany’s pioneers in light design.

Attard now focuses on a contemporary art practice that incorporates architecture, sculpture, photography, video and installation, to explore his major interests in places and their memories. He blurs the boundaries of these disciplines to incorporate the irreducible physicality of sites, and to explore their sedimented multiple layers of memory, treating them as a product of place, of social interaction, and as a generative process.

He is a founding member of stART (2002) - a group of Maltese contemporary artists; a committee member of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts (2002-2005) and currently director of GOZOcontemporary since 2001 - an art space, offering self-directed residencies to international and local artists, on the island of Gozo. 


Floating Island I (1980)

22.7cm x 22.7cm on 35.5cm x 32.5cm

Edition: 120

120 euros


God I (1982)

25.2cm x 25.4cm on 44cm x 34cm

Edition: 150

150 euros


Contradictions (1978/1979)

30.4cm x 22.3cm on 42.7cm x 33.1cm

Edition: 120

230 euros


Hierarchy (1978)

21.1cm x 21.3cm on 30.5cm x 30.5cm

Edition: 200

180 euros



Digital Print 

48cm x 68cm

43 euros (unframed)


Floating Island II (1980)

22.7cm x 22.7cm on 35.5cm x 32.5cm

Edition: 90

150 euros

Untitled design-6.png

Hypogeum (1980)

20cm x 15cm on 33cm x 27.5cm

Edition: 120

140 euros


Options (1982)

24.1cm x 31.2cm on 44cm x 34cm

Edition: 180

180 euros


Gabriel's Sword  (1982)

25.5cm x 25.5cm on 44cm x 34cm

Edition: 150

200 euros


Compassion (1977/1978)

12.3cm x 13.8cm on 34.5cm x 

Edition: 120

120 euros


Aliens by Nature (1981)

26.7cm x 25.2cm on 42cm x 34cm

Edition: 120


240 euros


Affinity (1977)

27.4cm x 23cm on 36cm x 28cm

Edition: 40

150 euros


Tower of Babel (1977)

22.5cm x 15.5cm on 35cm x 23cm

Edition: 120

140 euros


Only One Man (1978)

21.4cm x 21.4 cm on 30.5cm x 30.5cm

Edition: 300

180 euros


Saltpans (1982)

25cm x 33.2cm on 44cm x 34cm

Edition: 180

200 euros


After Mass (1977/1978)

21.6cm x 15.2cm on 37.5cm x 29cm

Edition: 100

140 euros


Family Tree (1980)

27cm x 41.4cm on 29.1cm x 44cm

Edition: 130

180 euros

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