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28 April 2022 - 25 June 2022
Curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews

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(Detail) Still Image from: Chris Meigh-Andrews, Nothing Beside Remains (2022) & Meta-Landscapes: Representations and Perceptions event poster

Meta-Landscapes - Representations and Perceptions

An exhibition of moving image works by twelve renowned international artists. 

Norbert Francis Attard (MT), Vince Briffa (MT), Robert Cahen (FR), peter campus (USA),Terry Flaxton (UK),Gary Hill (USA), Madelon Hooykaas (NL), Beryl Korot (USA), Chris Meigh-Andrews (UK), Michael Snow (CA), Yeoul Son (KR) and Steina Vasulka (IS/USA). 

This exhibition is centred on the theme of landscape, presenting work by artists who have pioneered the electronic moving image as an art form. The intention is to present a diverse range of attitudes and approaches to the genre, featuring works that explore the potential of the moving image to represent subjective, emotional or imagined exterior spaces. 

The exhibited art works incorporate or depict the artist’s personal, intellectual or cultural perspective through images of the natural world- often, but not always in juxtaposition to man-made artefacts or situations. 





















Chris Meigh-Andrews 

Chris Meigh-Andrews is an artist, writer and curator. Considered by many to be a pioneer in the development of video art and digital moving image in the UK and for his renewable energy installations, he began exhibiting his work internationally in the late 1970’s.

He was Arts Council International Artist Fellow, Galeria Sztuki WspÛlczesnej, Krakow, (2003-2004); Video Artist in Residence, Prema Arts Centre, Gloucester (1995); Video Artist in Residence, Cleveland Arts (1995); Artist in Residence, Saw Contemporary Art Centre, Ottawa, (1994); Resident Artist in Digital Imaging, School of Visual Arts, Music & Publishing, Oxford Brookes University, (1994) and Artist in Residence, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University (2017-18).

Curatorial projects include Yes, Snow Show, (British Film Institute, 2009), Analogue: Artists’ Video from the UK, Canada and Poland:  1968-88, (Tate Britain and Modern, London, and Liverpool, Norwich, Warsaw, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Valletta and Berlin: 2006-2009) and The Digital Aesthetic, exhibitions and symposia, in collaboration with the Harris Museum, Preston (2001, 2007 & 2012)

Meigh-Andrews has written extensively on the history and context of artists’ video. Publications include A History of Video Art: the Development of Form and Function, Berg, (Oxford and New York, 2006), in Japanese by Sangensha, (Tokyo, 2013). An enlarged and extended 2nd edition was published by Bloomsbury, (London and New York, 2013), and in Chinese by China Pictorial Publishing (Beijing, 2018). He is currently Editor-in-Chief, (UK and Europe) of the forthcoming three-volume Encyclopedia of New Media Art for Bloomsbury.

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