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BLINK, Nigel Baldacchino, Tom Van Malderen 

 6 Aug 2021 | 16:00-21:00

Entrance is free

blink fb.jpeg

Blinking is an automatic gesture that half-knowingly punctuates our perception of visual reality in time. It ruptures the continuum of sight, thus lending it an inescapable and unceasing rhythm. It is also a mundane act of maintenance; we need to shut our eyes, so as to be able to keep them open. The work presented here is concerned with rhythms of life, and ways of perceiving. Like a blink, the work ruptures automated and familiar cycles, propelling them forward then back again.

Join Tom Van Malderen and Nigel Baldacchino for a glass of wine and a chat during the closing of Blink.

Blink 1.jpg

Installation View of 'Blink' Photo by Norbert Francis Attard

Blink 2.jpg

Installation View of 'Blink' Photo by Francesca Pisani

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