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Ħars fuq ħars

Matthew Attard
25 September – 13 November 2021
Curated by Margerita Pulè

Contributing artists:
Gilbert Calleja
Charlie Cauchi
Ryan Falzon
Charlene Galea
Roxman Gatt
Alexandra Pace

Ħars fuq ħars image2.jpg

Eye tracker image (2021) & Ħars fuq ħars event poster 


Ħars fuq ħars 


A six-artist visual experiment, in parallel with Matthew Attard’s solo exhibition rajt ma rajtx... naf li rajt.


Employing the eye-tracking technology used by Matthew Attard, six artists engage with the respective acts of looking and seeing, thus unconsciously or consciously focusing their gaze in order to reflect on aspects of their artistic practice. This short research-based project sees each artist temporarily adopt the position of the viewer, exposing elements of their practice to the audience through their own sight trajectory, and using an eye-tracking device.


The correlations and disparities between looking and seeing are explored during the process, as are the difficulties and fallacies of attempting to record and interpret the human gaze. The recording of how the artist’s eye-movements and the subsequent information generated, in turn produce a new work, made up of fragments of saccades, elements of the artist’s practice, and digitally generated imagery.

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