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VC is committed to bring contemporary art  in all its various disciplines and media – to Malta’s wider cultural community. META Foundation has a collaboration with Gozo Contemporary, which is an artist-in-residency programme initiated in 2000. Prior to the setting-up of Gozo Contemporary artists in residencies were non-existent on the islands. VC is a platform and an exhibition venue for contemporary art created within the artist in residency programme of Gozo Contemporary. The project will seek to strengthen the educational programme already in place at Gozo Contemporary, given the collaboration between the two venues. The gallery will organise artist residencies which encourage the professionalism and advancement of young artists; networking events which promote the development of a mix of international and local artists and art practitioners on the islands; and events encouraging the local general public and tourists to engage with artists and their work. Visit our EVENTS page to find out more about VC’s ongoing and upcoming events.

Student events

VC strongly believes that any artistic institution hoping to reflect the most forward-looking and vibrant trends must engage with its surrounding student community. The gallery will be invested in developing student events that work in a mutually nurturing way – helping young creative individuals and groups develop their skills, whilst enriching the artistic discourse of the gallery, its members, and visitors. 

The Team




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