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Fikret Atay floating imagery

Floating Imagery

Curated by Sabine Küper-Büsch

20th - 30th November 2018

In collaboration with the Mahalla Festival 2018

Courtesy of the artist, Pilot Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey & Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris, France.

As part of the program of the Mahalla Festival happening in Malta this November 17-25, Valletta Contemporary will be collaborating as a participating venue to showcase Fikret Atay's exhibition Floating Imagery. 

The aim of Mahalla Festival is to enable an exchange of experience, to develop joint strategies in the cultural sphere and to create new synergies at an international, European level. For the first time, the festival has brought together artists, musicians and cultural mediators who are actively involved in migration issues in a European framework.

The Flood” is the Title of the latest Work by Fikret Atay. “Globalization seems to melt the borders between countries while creating new boundaries." The work, “The Country for old man” (2010) is composed like a poetic fragment freezing the miracle of a moment of truth in an absurd pose full of contradictions. Commenting the work Atay quotes his grandfather: “My grandfather said: I have no birth report. I was not in the army. My father did not allow me because my two brothers never came back from military. That is why I have no any identity. ... But I am quite happy. Because I am here. I know all these hills and valleys inside out. I shepherded. ... The system does not see me, but you do. Nice to meet you!”.

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