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Meet the F.A.M.

March 29 at 20:00


F.A.M fuses a Fashion, Art & Music experience surrounded by Nadine Baldow’s dynamic sculptures in her show ‘Pristine Paradise’ at Valletta Contemporary.

The venue features both reknowned International Contemporary as well as established local artists showcasing their work in Malta’s most exclusive art space.


SONOHO Showroom
Founded by Marina Botier in 2010.

Ms Botier has always shown interest in various fields ranging from Modern Arts to Design and Fashion. Since its inception in 2010, Sonoho Showroom has grown in an impressive manner at an exceptional speed. Sonoho Showroom grows in their reach with every passing year not only in Benelux but also globally.

Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee is not just a fashion house but an expression of a life style of individuality. A premium brand that prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a trendsetter taking influences from all thing London.

Fly the Fly Vintage

Fly the Fly Vintage is a Swedish fashion team based in Malta that represents apparel from contemporary design to authentic handpicked vintage pieces. 2018 saw Fly create their own brand Fly the Fly, with designs characterized by bold cuts with a breath of Scandinavia. At the Meet the FAM! Event at Valletta Contemporary Fly the Fly will showcase their SS19 collection ERROR.

Julia BKA

Julia Bka is a t-shirt brand by Julia Boikova. Estonian born, London College of Fashion graduate, currently based in Malta, Julia designs colourful bespoke textile prints that are then made into t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. An easy way to brighten up any outfit, these T-Shirts are a dream for color and art lovers!

Brian Pedersen Sunset Records Malta

Brian is a Dj & founder of the well known record shop Sunset Records that sells Vinyls & street wear. At this venue Brian will scratch some downright earthy vinyl's for you.


Joanna Delia (People & Skin) Heading the Valletta Contemporary advisory team

Maria Moeller (founder of Fly the Fly Vintage)

Lina Goldman-Judah representing Jacob Lee and Sonoho Showroom

Peter Carbonaro
Peter Carbonaro is an entertainer, television producer, stage performer and also X Factor Malta's stylist. He formed part of various productions such as reality shows, music programmes and fashion-related shows. He is the host at the very first 'Meet the F.A.M' event.

Julia Boikova (Julia BKA)


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