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6th July - 29th July 2018

Text by Mark Gisbourne

Eberhard Bosslet (b. 1953) involves site-specific sculptures and installations. Bosslet’s practices include painting, light art, environmental sculpture, photography. Bosslet’s focus on the concept of intervention since the 1980s influenced his work that focuses on three-dimensional sculptures in space and environment. For his academic practice, Bosslet studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin. (1975-1982) Currently, Bosslet is a professor of Sculpture and Spatial Concepts at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

Since the early 80s he updated the expression of intervention by doing architectural indoor and outdoor intervention. Bosslet's three-dimensional work deals in a very different way with the terms of the construction and housing, with external and internal, private and public spaces.

There are usually installed works - construction from objects of industrial and domestic needs. Bosslet uses in his works only products and technologies from the industrial and commercial reality. They are always significant, visible and aesthetic component of his works. Bosslet is working with basic, ordinary materials that are brought together in his objects to unusual constellations.

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