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Pop-up Studio
By Artist in Residence Diane Jollique Wang

 14 Jun 2024 | 2pm-7pm
Entrance is free

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Filmmaker Pasolini once said: There is an entire world in man which expresses itself primarily through signifying images...this is the world of memory and dream.

In this work the artist tries to explore the line of fiction and documentary amongst moving images and mutual memories in western films through her own interpretation of the filmmaker’s dream.

In Malta exists the most ancient histories and artefacts of humanity. Synchronously it is also the birthplace of contemporary commercial cinema with prolific productions on-going. In this unique state, due to the amount of film produced in this environment, it is the only place in the world possible to explore the concept of “environmental documentary in fiction.” Prominent is the case of Azure Window of Dwejra. The stone window has been capture via fiction filmmaking in several western films before it collapsed in 2017 due to a huge storm. The artist revisits Dwejra bay in 2024 to trace the time and space, the development of the natural environment. Attempting to draw a realm in dream, of a dimension where fiction and documentary loses its boundaries. Drawing awareness to the natural changes in environment and environmental preservation. And to give thought on the equilibrium of how humanities and environmental protection could co-exist in the future.


Photo of Diane Jollique Wang

Diane Wang is a Taiwanese filmmaker, who has studied at the Department of Motion Pictures of National Taiwan University of Arts. Her works examine time and memories through forms that include short films and visual installations, painting, graphics.
Through research, the written form and time-based media art, she explores different narratives of visual arts and the expanded possibilities in cinema. She has won several international short film awards, and the Yilan Art Awards in Taiwan.

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