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Crossings: Massachusetts-Malta (2009-2019)

Public Lecture on February 15 at 18:30

Valletta Contemporary presents an art project by Kathleen Bitetti, a U.S. visiting artist from Massachusetts who is returning to Malta after 10 years, to complete her project which the artist started at Gozo Contemporary as an artist-in-residence in 2009.

During Bitetti’s residency in 2009, she began investigating the historical connections between her home state of Massachusetts (U.S.) and the country of Malta. This time, the artist is in Malta this February to complete her project Crossings: Massachusetts-Malta (2009-2019)


The project consists of four works that Bitetti created from her research findings: Crossings: Dec. 16, 1773; Crossings: Emerson was Here (Valletta)Crossings: Feb. 2nd, 1945; and Crossings: HERE 2019 (Malta). All four crossings include a unique and intricate backstory that relate Malta to Massachusetts.

Upon returning on the island, the artist threads her own 4th crossing alongside with the initial 3 connections related to Malta as part of the project: ‘Crossings: HERE 2019 (Malta)’. Moreover, Crossings: Massachusetts-Malta (2009-2019) will involve the artist leaving works behind for members of the public to find relevant memorabilia related to the previous connections.


For three of the four works, the timeframe Bitetti will be leaving works behind for members of the public to find is February 11-15th.  Whilst for her “Crossings: HERE 2019 (Malta)”, she will be leaving works behind during her full stay in Malta (February 9-18th). The artworks include hand stenciling and sewing as key visual components being part of the works.

Kathleen Bitetti will present her historical project ‘Crossings: Massachusetts-Malta (2009-2019)' and its four projected works with a public lecture at the premises of Valletta Contemporary on Friday 15th February at 6:30PM. 

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For more in-depth information about crossings click here.

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