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Solo Show by Aaron Bezzina

Curated by Ann Laenen & Stefan Kolgen

November 1 - December 4 2019

Corpus Adflictum;


Corpus [Latin, noun, body, matter, substance, corps, flesh, physique, form]


Adflictum [Latin, adjective, afflict, crush, damage, ruin]


Machines and mechanical objects play an important role in Aaron Bezzina’s oeuvre. If something like machine art exists,

then this exhibition is most certainly an example of strangeness (and familiarity), distance (and proximity) and rejection (and love or intimacy), according to art historian and curator Andreas Broeckmann.


This solo show immerses the visitor into an act of voluntary harm and bodily sacrifice. In today’s society it seems to be socially acceptable to display and advertise the perfect body and its modifications at the cost of self-infliction and mental instability.


Bezzina offers a choice to engage with the apparatuses or not. It is at your own risk and/or pleasure to involve yourself with the mental picture of the machine.

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