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Collage as Philosophy

25th July - 10th August 2018

Dr Ruth Bianco

Curator and Project Lead


Collage as Philosophy is this year’s edition of Art-in-Architecture, a studio research and exhibition project led by Dr Ruth Bianco with students of architecture at the University of Malta. Twenty students currently completing the BSc in Built Environment Studies will be showing selections from their portfolio of experimental practice exploring creative interfaces in collage. Collage has an outstanding tradition in the visual arts, expanding the meaning and form of drawing to include diverse tactile materials, multimedia and digital extensions informing the creative process. For these students of architecture, collage has been a means to traverse the minutiae of life through the discard of others, snippets of imagery, photography or internet trivia, reconnecting bits of fleeting data and matter – collage as a way to think on scavenging and salvaging what is already out there ...a form of inscribing over the trail of others.

Participating students of Architecture (final year in BSc Built Environment Studies) at the University of Malta:


Alexandra Abela

Miguel Petrovic

Nicole Grima

Martina Callus

Joanna Grech

Jeanine Grima

Jasmine Azzopardi

Nicola von Brockdorff

Kristina Critien

Tanya Mangion

Francesca Attard

Emma Attard Navarro

Clara Grech

Ryan Calleja

Jake Attard

Daniela Spiteri Binett

Daniel Xuereb

Mattea Fenech

Jake Cortis

Elena Zammit

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