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Kite Books Malta

Kite Group is Malta's leading publisher. Synonymous with quality publications, Kite Group has published some of Malta's recent best-selling books. Innovative by nature, Kite Books has a thirst for new material. Down at the studio, the team is working to bring a bigger and wider selection of new titles.

Contemporary architecture.jpg

Contemporary Architecture in Malta

Author: Conrad Thake


372 pages

75 euros

Gabriel Caruana blue.jpg


Gabriel Caruana

Authors: Richard England &

Charlene Vella


160 pages

50 euros

Parallel Existences.jpg

Parallel Existences - The Notarial Archives: A Photographer’s Inspiration, Alex Attard. 

Authors: Joan Abela & Emanuel Buttigieg. Photography: Alex Attard


280 pages

75 euros

Sancuatries of the Soul.jpg


Sanctuaries of the Soul, Richard England

Author: Richard England

196 pages


65 euros

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