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Carlos Coronas

Los territorios soñados

13th April – 25th May 2018

Catalogue text by Karin Ohlenschläger, courtesy of Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijón, Asturias, Spain.


Carlos Coronas was born in Avilés, Spain, in 1964. A Fine Arts graduate from University of Salamanca, he combines his art practice with his work as a teacher at the Arts School of Aviles. He has an impressive curriculum of exhibitions, including It’s simply Beautiful at Laboral Art Centre or Seoul Media Art Biennale in South Korea and Biennale Cuvée in Linz, Austria, complemented by several awards and grants. His early paintings showed a clear abstract leaning with a strong chromaticity and a liking for unusual formats and supports, something that encouraged him to open up to more varied and rich formulations in the treatment of painting and also of the supports used, which soon derived to wood structures in which colour unveiled other volumes and light emerged as a formally telling substratum. Always progressing along these same general guidelines, Coronas went on to add neon lights to his works, light compositions on painted surfaces remitting to classic geometric abstraction. In 2016, Carlos Coronas presented ‘undreamed territories’ a series of installations at the Niemeyer Centre in Spain. The works made up of large complex polygonal structures, primarily of wood, that change in color and intensity through the use of fluorescent tubes. These works respond to each other using electronic impulses. The gradual rise and fall of the light within the space mimics the feeling of breathing, which makes the individual pieces appear as living organisms. 

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