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Overview Exhibition 

Curated by Norbert Francis Attard


Fikret Atay

Alex Attard

Nadine Baldow

Aaron Bezzina

Eberhard Bosslet

Kane Cali

Gabriel Caruana

Charlie Cauchi

Carlos Coronas

Brian Eno

Ryan Falzon

Matyou Galea

Roxman Gatt

Damien Hirst

Ian Howard

Dan Hudson

Mikhail Karikis

Hans Kotter

Eric Meier

Almagul Menlibayeva

Patrick Mifsud

Ignacio Muv 

Denis Pondruel

Richard Roth

Teresa Sciberras

Javier Vivas

Valletta Contemporary opens its yearly program with a celebration of our achievements as a contemporary art space so far. As the first exhibition of the year, Up to Now presents an eclectic mix of works by local and international artists, that have already made an appearance in shows from the past 2 years. Against this setting, VC launches an exciting series of events that will run throughout the mont. This program includes talks, workshops and exhibition walkthroughs. The gallery becomes a social and communal place where discussion and exchange can happen, or where one can simply choose to spend some time flipping through a good book in an inspiring environment. We invite the local community to come and inhabit our space.

Video works of the following artists will be screened in the lower basement (well): Fikret Atay, Roxman Gatt, Dan Hudson, Mikhail Karikis, Eric Meier and Almagul Menlibayeva.

For our event link click here.

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