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03 March 2023 - 06 May 2023

By JP Migneco


Detail from JP Migneco's work & IRREGULARITY exhibition poster



A solo exhibition by JP Migneco

Irregularity features a series of artworks that explore the relationship between natural and artificial environments. The body of work involves a process of reinterpreting landscapes that are found near coastal areas in Malta, through the use of photography, drawing, digital media and painting.

A method for mapping and tracing images of landforms is used to extract different shapes and tones to form fragmented compositions that combine elements of the natural and the artificial. This process involves the use of irregular polygonal gridswhich derive inspiration from models of fractal terrain and biomorphic architecture.


The theme of this project delves into notions related to urbanisation and the advancement of technology. Therefore, the work attempts to evoke issues related to human-environment interaction in the digital age

Images by Elisa von Brockdorff 

JP MIGNECO (b. 1989) is an artist who lives and works in Malta. The work that Migneco produces involves planning and experimentation, due to his interest in bringing different subjects together to create a form of interdisciplinary art.

Migneco’s work is often inspired by ideas related to landscape painting, geometric abstraction, and colour theory. It incorporates methods of reinterpreting images of symbolic objects and locations through the use of illusory colour patterns which are often derived from notions related to modern art, geometry and geology.

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